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Quick Change Leads

The popularity of our Quick Change Leads is steadily growing in Texas and the northeastern United States. We don't know why these folks picked up on them so quickly. We have done very little advertising with this most unique product, so I guess they just got lucky in those parts and noticed them. If you haven't already seen them on this site, then go back and take a look at the Quick Change sinkers. 

Buoy Weight

The 5 pound glass weight is a little bigger than the lead, but it performs the same function just as well. Also, very soon we will have glass egg and bank sinkers. Their molds are currently under construction.

Weighted Chum Basket
I want to make sure you've heard about the weight chum basket. This is one of our main products, but it is still somewhat of a secret weapon. Not many know how incredibly well this works! Use our weighted chum basket to help you get your fish in your boat.


I could write books about new rules and regulations and he-said-she-said kinda stuff, but there are sites that already address all of that in depth.

The news I have is this: The cost of gasoline is high; the cost of lead reached historical highs last summer; and new regulations are constantly making it less appealing to buy that new boat or run offshore like you used to.

The good news is that all this doesn't seem to have dampened the spirits of most fishermen. We see them curving their buying habits, running offshore less, paying more attention to detail, but still fishing.

If a person has got it on his or her heart to go fishing, then he or she will find a way.

As far as fishing news goes, the only information we could post would most likely be old news by the time it was posted or you read it. We do have quite a few contacts scattered about though, so if you need information on a specific area, just drop us an e-mail. We may be able to help.

Good Luck and Good Fishing!

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