American Bandit Inc. and BP

First of all I would like to say THANK YOU ! to the many loyal customers that have been a part of the American Bandit fishing family over the years. It is your interest and use of our products that have kept us here all these years. Yes, we wish to sell product but we also still find some degree of satisfaction in developing products that have become a useful tool and integral part of your boat. (American Bandit Buoy, Don’t leave the Dock Without It ) has become the catch phrase we here often . Thanks Again!

American Bandit Inc. was like many other businesses hit hard by the B.P. Deepwater Horizon oil spill. To date, B.P or the Gulf Coast Claims facility has not taken even the smallest responsibility for the loss this company has suffered.
The GCCF (Gulf Coast Claims Facility) repeatedly stalled and lied to us about even the smallest details related to the claim we filed after we determined we suffered a loss and to what degree. The loss was substantial.
After the GCCF repeatedly claimed that they had not received any documents from American Bandit Corp. and then stated that they received documents but they were left blank.We were finally submitted a letter of denial claiming that we had not shown any connection between our business and the oil spill. ( All this is the short version)
The vast majority of American Bandit’s sales come from the Gulf of Mexico. All the products we have developed and manufactured for the past 16 years have been strictly for salt water use. American Bandit is the inventor and patent holder of several salt water fishing items such as the Bandit Buoy, U.S. Patent #5865656 and Quick Change leads
U.S. Patent # 7162830 as well as filings on many other fishing related inventions.  We submitted every document requested and then some to the GCCF to establish the nature of this company.  All we do is for salt water and yet we were denied any claims rights for what B.P. took from us because we failed to establish a connection to the Gulf of Mexico and the oil spill that wrecked our salt water fishing products sales?
Someone once told me when someone says  “ It ain’t about the money “ they may not be shooting all that straight with you.  I am going to say with me and this company,   It is about the money, but that ain’t all. I am totally fed up with the dishonest corporate attitude of  businesses like B.P. that stomp small business at there convenience. To lie, cheat and steal to suit there needs.
We found out by luck of the draw that Kenneth Feinberg was appearing before an oversight committee in Washington., DC. ( For those of you who don’t already know Kenneth Feinberg was the man appointed by Barrack Obama to oversee the claims program.)   We got our foot in the door and were allowed to submit three questions. Mr. Feinburg lied to all three and was patted on his back and sent on his way.
We contacted our Ga. Senators and requested their assistance in this matter and were informed that there was not anything they could do. Although Mr. Feinberg was a Presidential appointee apparently he falls under the governing jurisdiction of no one in Washington. 
We requested assistance from Senator Johnny Isakson’s  office and were informed there was nothing his office could do. We latter attended a Town Hall meeting at which Senator Isakson was speaking. I questioned him on this matter in public and his response was (We will Look Into It )  Ya’ll know what that means don’t you ? The Senators office was very affirming and polite. After some time and Zero results we submitted five questions concerning what his office could possibly do on our behalf. Question # 5 was an afterthought but as it turns out it was the only one that was answered by  Senator Isakson’s aid   Jody Redding. Here is the question:
5. Is the Senators office beneficiary of any contributions or lobbying efforts on it's behalf directly or indirectly from B.P?
And here is his reply: 
A contribution from BP to the Senator's campaign would have no effect on helping a constituent so you can put that one to rest. 
So there you go. What does that tell you ?  All this crap today from politicians about jobs and the economy and yet it is still the same garbage from our politicians. All of the big talk by Senators about lofty ideals and plans to correct pending issues  and yet they will not raise a finger to actually help a small business in need. Lip service from any of the so called responsible offices  is the best we have been offered, It doesn’t matter Democrat or Republican I am sick and tired of this type garbage. If you are not fed up with the downward spiral of  events in this country you should be. If you don’t think this country is headed for one of the biggest wrecks in history you should count yourself as blessed and move on with a blissful life. 
After all these years it is questionable if American Bandit will continue to produce salt water related fishing products. The economy problems make matters tough enough but I would have never figured that it would be an oil company and associates that would be the ones digging our grave for us.   
  • If you are one of our fishing customers and  have been served the same cold dish at the hands of BP or the GCCF  we would like to hear from you.
  • If you have any insight or suggestions on this matter that would aid us in our struggle with this giant we would like to hear from you also. 
John T. Sims
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