Dive Buoy


The Bandit Buoy also makes it easier to mark your dive site and display your dive flag. The flagged Bandit Buoy has all of the great features of the regular Bandit, with the addition of a ballast weight attached to the bottom to ensure your flag remains in the upright position at all times. In addition to the dive flag, the dive buoy also comes with a high visibility red flag just in case of emergencies.

The New Dive Buoy is now made of a closed cell POLYURETHANE  FOAM. This foam is extremely tough. It will stand up to years of the kind of abuse that comes along with everyday fishing.  Also the Bandit Buoy now has the orange color molded into the foam. No more paint to get  knock off. If you wish to paint the Bandit a different color, no worries. The urethane foam is not affected by paint thinners or other solvents.

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