Weighted Chum Basket


Now you can chum’um up and mark that spot at the same time (and place). Instead of using a regular anchor weight on your Bandit Buoy, clip on this chum basket that has a 5-pound weight in the bottom of it. Throw in a handful of squid, cigar minnows, cut bait, or your favorite stuff, then MARK THAT SPOT! Now you have your spot marked and the fish attracting chum down where the fish you are trying to catch are! Makes sense to us.

All of our testing on our different chums was done using this basket with a small camera mounted about 8 feet above the basket. We have many hours of video that attest to how well this system works. Talk about how to really increase your catch! Your regular buoy anchor weight has no food value or smell and about a 0% chance of attracting or exciting fish compared to a basket packed full of food or something else they like. Since you are obviously going to fish this spot, why not draw them out and get them in the mood? This system works and is another method or technique to add to the many that you already have in your arsenal to help you catch fish. It works.

Our weighted chum basket is constructed of 304 stainless steel and has a 3-foot, 300-pound monofilament leader with a snap swivel. The 5-pound weight in the bottom is detachable. Basket can also be used for other chumming applications like hanging it over the side of the boat at whatever depth you want.

Be sure to see our page on chums to learn more about this.

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