Bandit Buoys


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NOTE: Bandit Buoys are being manufactured in limited numbers on a first-come first-served basis. If you place your order online your card will not be billed until your order is ready to be shipped.

The New Bandit Buoy is now made of a closed cell POLYURETHANE  FOAM. This foam is Extremely tough. It will stand up to years of the kind of abuse that comes along with everyday fishing.  Also the Bandit Buoy now has the orange color molded into the foam. No more paint to get knocked off. If you wish to paint the Bandit a different color, no worries! The urethane foam is not affected by paint thinners or other solvents.

This is the last marker buoy you will ever need to buy.

The Bandit Buoy has been time-tested by fishermen and divers and proven itself to be tough and reliable. With thousands in use around the world, the Bandit Buoy has become an integral part of bottom fishing gear. The reason for this is simple: The Bandit Buoy sets itself at the proper depth, will not drift off the spot, gives current direction, has 200 ft. of braided nylon stored internally, and comes with a satisfaction guaranteed or money-back policy!

The more precisely you can mark your reef or wreck, the more precisely you can fish it. The Bandit Buoys' unique ability to set itself at the proper depth and indicate current direction makes it a valuable tool no fisherman should be without.


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