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The Bandit Buoy is designed to use with an anchor weight within a specific range (from 4 to 7 pounds). The most commonly used are our 5 pound lead No Roll and our brand new 5 pound glass ingot.

To help you decide which weight is best for your application, here are a few guidelines:
• The heavier weights (6 and 7 pounds) work better in rough seas. What I call rough is when I have to lay on the gunwale to maintain some vertical resemblance. Why would I be fishing in these conditions? Because I was a lot younger, and the fish were biting. The only problem with the heavier weight is somebody has to pull it in.
• The 4 pound weight is the lightest weight we manufacture. It is designed for calm seas and light winds. The 5 pound weight is the most commonly used.

 Here's the skinny: Don't use less than 4 pounds or more than 7 pounds. One of the latest additions to our buoy anchor weight lineup is the Stainless Steel weighted chum basket. It comes with a 400-pound test monofilament leader. To learn more about the weighted chum basket, click here.

You are the best judge and expert of your own fishing requirements. Bandit Buoys are extremely versatile and forgiving. We give you a wide enough selection, so you can make the right decisions for your own style of fishing.

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